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Quirky thrives in SE Texas shops

Wendell Harrison demonstrates the uses of a sharpening machine on a pair of shears Wednesday afternoon. He says it takes him an average of 15 minutes to sharpen "Anadrol 50" a single pair. Wendell and Cindy Harrison have been running Ideal Edge, a shear sharpening and sales business, for more than a year. The pair cater to salons across the Golden Triangle and beyond.

Photo taken Wednesday 6/4/14After more than Anavar E Espinhas two decades in the medical and pharmaceutical industries and with children out of college and married, the Harrisons "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" decided to take a shot at the American dream and start their own business.

Wendell was excited. Cindy was excited. And scared.

"The fear kept me from believing in it at first," she said.

But the Harrisons persevered, in contrast to a recent CNNMoney poll showing a majority of Americans believe the American Dream is no longer achievable.

These days the Harrisons are joined by a handful of other Southeast Texans who decided to take a risk, sometimes outside the bounds of standard retail.

In 2012, the Harrisons went to Atlanta to learn their trade, and Ideal Edge was born. Even though Wendell already knew how to sharpen knives and fabric scissors, the duo soon discovered hair stylist shears take greater expertise.

"It took me a solid year to really get good," said Wendell, who does all the sharpening for Ideal "Anaboliset Aineet" Edge. Cindy takes care of the finances and sells shears.

Entrepreneurs are cut short

According to the CNNMoney poll, young adults between 18 and 34 lead the group of the disillusioned.

And who can blame them? Jobs are still scarce and average pay has barely risen. Technology that made old "Anaboliset Aineet" skills obsolete created new jobs Anavar Cycle Pct requiring different skills available only through advanced education.

The numbers, however, might suggest the state of mind of Americans post recession more than it represents reality, wrote Rick Newman, columnist for Yahoo Finance, in a recent column.

America has been through recessions and always comes out stronger. Why? Because of the 40 percent who seize the opportunities made possible by a Deca Durabolin C'Est Quoi weakened economy, he said.

"During recessions workers get tired of working for the man," said Dave Mulcahy, director of the Lamar University Small Business Development Center. "They want to work for themselves."

The Harrisons saw an opportunity that involved a relatively small amount of investment it took them about $7,000 to start Ideal Edge and jumped on it.

Ideas are everywhere

Friends, coworkers and now business partners Adam Haynes, Ryan Olson, Aaron Davis and Shayne Martin started Texas Beard Co., a beard product online business, after Olson challenged himself last fall to let his beard "buy cheap jintropin online" grow wild and free for a year.

After a few weeks, his skin began to itch and he turned to the Internet for products that would make his skin and beard feel softer. It was then that he realized that, though highly specialized, there is a market for beard products.



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